Bones Bizzness Gives back
Bones Bizzness promotes and supports the Humane treatment and welfare of animals.  We dream that one day all pets will have loving homes with respectable owners and domestic animals will no longer be euthanized simply because they have no home. We encourage compassion and responsibility toward all pets. Most of all, we are dedicated to preventing the cruelty towards animals.
Bone Bizzness Cares Program (BBCP)
The Bones Bizzness Cares Program was created in January 2016 to ensure that our company can provide assistance to the greatest number of legitimate dog related charity organizations that request it. Bones Bizzness may donate a company gift certificate to a 501 (c3) organization’s raffle, fundraiser or charity event if that organization can meet specific requirements. Restrictions may apply, and Bones Bizzness reserves the right to refuse participation for any reason.
To get started, please Contact Us for more information, and ask about our Bones Bizzness Charities Assistance Program (BBCAP).
Bones Bizzness
To inquire about the Bones Bizzness Cares policy please contact us
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