$ 138.95

P.L.A.Y Bamboo Lounge Dog Bed will make your pup feel like they're on a breezy tropical getaway when they lie on our Bamboo Lounge Bed.

Elevated sides are an ideal resting place for your pup's head and creates the ultimate pooch retreat. The inner cushion and exterior can be flipped, letting you enjoy 4 different looks with just one bed!

Available in two colors Mustard/Pebble Grey or Ocean Blue/Gothic Black.

S)        24" L x 19" W x 7" H    16" L x 11" W    Up to 25 Lbs.

M)        31" L x 25" W x 8" H    21" L x 16" W    Up to 55 Lbs.

L)      38" L x 30" W x 9" H    27.5" L x 20" W   Up to 95 Lbs

XL)       44" L x 37" W x 10" H  32" L x 25" W   Over 96 Lbs

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