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BLACK POLKA DOT PINK DOG SWEATER | Don’t let your fancy four-legged friend freeze. Try the adorable,100% wool Chilly Dogs Black Polka Dot Flower Sweaters are beautifully crafted and hand-knit with 100% wool. With the lovely pink flower detail. The design is sure to make your dog look adorable, and with all-natural dyes too! The vibrant colors come from plants, not harmful chemicals. Dog friendly and eco-friendly, you can be sure this sweater will keep your dog warm and happy.

Made of 100% wool, and completely handmade, the dog sweater will proudly display black, white, and pink design. 

Please note: each sweater is truly handmade
    • Sweaters fit dogs up to 120 lbs.
    • Many great colors to choose from.
    • Warm, handmade & 100% wool.
    • All sweaters are made following the fair trade guidelines.

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