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Couture Cheetah Susan Lanci Ultrasuede Step In Dog Harnesses are buttery soft, durable, washable, comfortable and so light your pup will barely feel it on! The no-choke design is easy on your pup's trachea. Easy on and off comfort for your puppy dog. Colorfast and nearly indestructible ~ yet so appealing! Strong for the pullers and tuggers so they won't break loose. The Ultrasuede fabric has the ability to be cleaned over and over and still look like new! Sure to be a favorite, just like that favorite pair of jeans or tee. So easy to travel with, the harnesses are nearly weightless, since they are made of ultrasuede, ironing is not needed. this harness is a good value that will last a long time. The harness clasps together at the top and then the leash clasps to the d-rings at the top on each side of the harness. 

Hardware is a nickel-silver finish.

The harness fastens by a single quick-release buckle located above the dog's shoulders. The harness is cut well below the dog's neck so the pulling is across the shoulders and not the neck. The end result is no-choke comfort for the dog. When your dog is at rest the contoured quick-release buckle holds the harness in place allowing the fabric to keep a loose fit. When walking your dog the leash attaches to the double rings and any tension is evenly distributed through the dog's midsection around the shoulder muscles, not the throat or trachea. When you dog is at rest the buckle will hold the harness in place as it loosens while laying down.





 Step-in Harness Size Chart Chest Circumference
TC 8.5" - 9.5"
XXS 9.5" - 10.5"
XS 10.5" - 12.0"
XS/Small 11.5" - 13.0"
Small 12.5" - 14.0"
Small/Medium 13.5" - 15.0"
Medium 14.5" - 16.0"
Medium/Large 16.0" - 18.0"


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