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There's a new chicken in town. Charming Pet Squawkers Henrietta Dog Toy, Small

Henrietta is an unique member of the Barnyard family, yet entertaining toy that makes an exciting squawking sound during play sessions. It is proudly made with natural latex that has 86% rubber for increased durability. After being squeezed, it releases a fun long lasting squawk that dogs love! Earl is hand painted with safe latex paints.

Product Benefits:


  • Squawks
  • All Natural Latex
  • Hand Painted


This chicken loves playing with dogs.
  • Chicken in polka dot bikini.
  • Squeaker makes a squawking sound.
  • Made of latex and poly filling.
Why We Love It:
There's a new chicken in town! Henrietta is a very hormonal, range free, boneless latex squeaker toy. She contains no MSG and has been DE-feathered for canine pleasure! Poly filled latex.
Small Henrietta is about 8.5" long.
Large Henrietta is about 12.5" long.
Charming Pet Squawkers 
Featured in premium All-Natural latex & latex paint. She is a unique and colorful member of the barnyard family and will make an outrageous companion for you and your canine pal!
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