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No. 50 Light Management is a light conditioner featuring moisture-enhancing Evening Primrose Oil that leaves a luxurious finish on the coat. The hair will be shiny and healthy, skin will be protected, and brushing will be easier. When you shampoo the coat you activate and open the cuticle layer on the hair shaft. By using a conditioner, you activate it and close it back down. Without conditioning, the cuticle acts like little barbs down the outside of the hair shaft catching on each other, thus making it much harder for the dead hair to fall out quickly. Using a conditioner helps speed up the shedding process. 

Selling Points

  • nourishes, protects, and repairs coat
  • light enough to maintain body and volume
  • moisturizes and strengthens without weighing the hair down
  • ideal for normal, oily, or troubled skin
  • minimizes dry skin
                • Available in 250ml, 1 Liter bottles
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