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Dogo Fashions from New York has designed one of the most useful EasyGo dog harnesses ever, and shown here in Multi Ruffle Pink. To use the harness simply pull the straps up out of the way, slide your dog's head between the strap and harness (tags to the back) and place their legs through the holes. The built-in leash has an adjustable slider to cinch the girth size to a comfortable position.

The 3-foot leash attachment clips onto the o-ring and provides an overall length of 4-feet. Leash handle has a very convenient feature; there's a quick-release buckle which allows you to open the handle portion and loop it around a stationary object and act as a tie-out.

  • The best ALL-IN-ONE soft harness and leash!
  • Easy, safe, and comfortable to wear.
  • Perfect for dogs and cats!
  • Easy to secure! Simply let your dog (or cat) step in, slide the clip down the strap and re-clip the leash to the strap.
  • Buckle free step-in style.
  • It's breathable, light-weight mesh design keeps your pup comfortable even in warm weather.

    Matching lead is included with every EasyGO!

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