$ 85.95

This Pioneer Insulated Full-Length Dog Fleece Vest & Jacket incorporates the unique characteristics of warm-wool with the performance of modern fabrics. Its outer shell and lining Keeps your Dog warm. Keep your pup warm on cold days.

  • Winter fleece vest with integrated harness
  • Back side zipper closure 
  • Waterproof outer shell
  • Puppia Sports rubber label 
  • 100% Poly in shell and lining
  • PUPPIA SMART TAG pendant (QR Code only) is included

Why We Love It:

The Pioneer Fleece Dog Vest By Puppia is a winter fleece vest with integrated harness with back side zipper closure. Waterproof outer shell with a rubber label. This vest is made with 100% Polyester in the shell and the lining. Designed to keep your pet in the social stream and safe. 


★ Color Red / Black / Camo
★ Size S / M / L / XL / XXL
★ Material SHELL:POLY100 % LINING:POLY 100%
★ Features * Winter fleece vest with integrated harness
* Backside zipper closure
* Waterproof outer shell
* Decorated with usable two pockets and reflective tape on the back
* PUPPIA SMART TAG pendant(QR Code only) is included






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