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RAGDOLL BOY DOG COSTUME | Truly adorable and beautifully made, the Ragdoll Boy Costume has the unbelievable ability to somehow make your little boy even cuter than he already is. This one piece costume fastens with snap closures down the underside of the body. A red and white checkered shirt with white collar are attached to dark blue pants. There are two dark blue bows, one on the front of the collar and another on the back. A white hat with attached trademark red hair top off this Ragdoll look. (sizes listed in length and girth)

Costumes may ship separately from other items. Please measure and be certain of the size before ordering. Girth is the most important measurement.

    Size 1: Chest 10.5-12" Neck 6.5-7.5" Back 8"
    Size 2: Chest 12-14" Neck 7.5-8.75" Back 9.25" 
    Size 3: Chest 14-16" Neck 8.75-10.5" Back 10.75" 
    Size 4: Chest 16-18.5" Neck 10.5-12" Back 12.5" 
    Size 5: Chest 18.5-20.5" Neck 12-13.5" Back 14"

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