Dog Collars, Harnesses & Leashes for Function & Style

Dogs lovers know it's imperative that we take our beloved Dogs on daily strolls. At Bones Bizzness we offer a wide variety of fashion-forward, everyday, trendy collars and harnesses. So why not do it in Style? From Big Dogs, to the smallest Dog, this is where the distinguished Doggie shops. We offer the finest selection for both. Whatever your preferences are, casual or luxury, we offer it. Our Dog collars and Dog leashes are made from the best materials and quality craftsmanship that are extremely durable and functional to meet your pet's needs. Find many styles to match your dog's personality; offering wide color variations and custom designed with trinkets and hardware. 

Even if you are trying to go for a more subtle look, don’t worry! Your pet can now, not only look fashionable indoors, but outdoors too! Browse through all of these dog accessories and purchase your favorite ones today! Your proud puppy will be able to strut in style! At, we not only want happy Dogs, but happy owners.
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